Brasil PDAC2022 is joint initiative of Brazil´s main mineral industry associations, the Federal Government and private mining companies to promote the Brazilian mineral sector during the PDAC 2022.

In 2022, the PDAC will take place in person, in Toronto, from June 13th to 15th and Brazil will again be one of the Mining Country Sponsors of the event. The Brasil PDAC 2022 delegation will be represented by executives and professionals of mining companies and authorities of the Federal Government, including the Secretariat of Geology, Mining and Mineral Transformation of the Ministry of Mines and Energy (SGM/MME), the National Mining Agency (ANM), and the Geological Survey of Brazil (CPRM).

The Brasil PDAC 2022 agenda and the Brasil Pavilion during the event are under the coordination of the Agency for the Development and Innovation of the Brazilian Mineral Sector (ADIMB), with the support of the Brazilian Mining Institute (IBRAM), the Brazilian Association of Mineral Exploration Companies (ABPM), and the Brazil – Canada Chamber of Commerce (BCCC – Toronto).

One of the seminar series of utmost importance in the Brasil PDAC 2022 agenda is the Brazilian Mining Day (BMD). The BMD aims to provide a comprehensive economic and infrastructure scenario that, combined with cases of success of major and junior companies in diversified geological environments, will foster Brazil as one of the top destinations for exploration and mining investments.

Despite of the COVID-19 pandemic that severely struck the economy and communities all over the world two years ago, the mineral sector in Brazil maintained resilient and has recently shown a steady growth. This growth stems from the increasing commercialized production of a wide variety of metals, but it has also been influenced by Brazil’s economic recovery and changes in the legal framework for mineral exploration and mine development. Investments in mining projects in Brazil, as a matter of fact, are expected to increase in coming years, with a forecast of 41 billion U.S. dollars in mining projects in the country until 2025.

Brazil is already a global player in the production of iron ore, niobium, tantalum, graphite, manganese, and bauxite. In addition, mineral exploration is again ramping up throughout the country and several mineral projects are now becoming productive mines, particularly in the case of copper, gold, zinc, and high-tech metals, including lithium, nickel, cobalto, vanadium and titanium. This confirms Brazil as a multi-commodity producing country.

In infrastructure, Brazil has one of the cleanest electric matrices of the world, with more than 60% of the generation coming from hydroelectric plants. The country is also experiencing a strong expansion of other clean sources, such as biomass, wind and solar.

Welcome to Brasil PDAC 2022 and discover Brazil´s world-class opportunities available in mineral exploration and mining by attending the Brazilian Mining Day and paying a visit to our Pavilion at the Metro Toronto Convention Centre.